Update from the NYC NOW Gift Fair

We visited the NYC NOW Gift Fair on February 4 - 7 and it was, just as I had expected, FABULOUS!  I personally need inspiration and colour every once and awhile to ignite my creativity. Those who know me well know the way I work.  There are a some product pics attached. These photos were taken as we visited the booths so they are not perfect photos. Themes we observed are… Artisanal Products, Made in the USA was a big component of the show. Vendors are bringing back good old fashioned hand made, high quality products along with good old fashioned service.  Health in the Workplace and Home, anything that encourages a positive and healthy working environment because smart employers...

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Does Genuine Leather Mean it’s Really Leather?

I thought it was time to write a short blog about leather to clarify some basic points about this beautiful material. My intention is to enlighten and inform readers that all leather is not created equal, not even from the animals from which it is taken. I’ll make this article easy to read and understand. Where does leather come from? Cows, Deer, Pigs, Lambs, Sheep (I hate to say this…Horses). Basically there are 4 types of leather: FULL GRAIN which is the “cream of the crop”, the best money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide which should display the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal of which it was taken…hence the name Full...

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The Impact of Packaging and Presentation…Italy 2015

I recently returned from a trip to Italy and I am excited to share my experience.  Although I’ve been there many times, somehow this trip was different for me.  I saw Italy in a completely different light or should I say under a magnifying glass.  My biggest take away was how they use Packaging.  At every turn there was some form of packaging that was absolutely beautiful, sometimes breathtaking! Italians pay a lot of attention to all the details to ensure that ultimate presentation experience. This is clearly evident in their retail point of sale displays.  Apparel and other merchandise are artistically displayed in the store or showroom. Finally, after you make your purchase, it is beautifully wrapped and packaged....

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